A Loaded Barbell: The Most Authentic Teacher of Life

A Loaded Barbell: The Most Authentic Teacher of Life

Over the last decade I’ve learned more about the world and life from a barbell than I could have ever imaged…

Everything the barbell is about parallels real life. I’ll explain…

- lifting a barbell is hard, and uncomfortable, but when you stick with it, and don’t quit, you experience growth. You get stronger. Same goes for life…

- a barbell can give you the highest of highs (PR’s) and the lowest of lows (injury) in the same training session….it’s important to understand life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine but it’s also not always doom and gloom either. Enjoy the good times, come back stronger from the bad times.

- a barbell demands your respect. If you don’t respect it, it can fuck your world up really fast. Reminds me a lot about the outdoors…

- a loaded barbell doesn’t give a shit about your race, religion, sex, or creed….it doesn’t care what’s in your bank account…500 lbs is 500 lbs for everyone and it will never change. It’s very simple like that…

- a barbell is always there waiting to help you grow, but it won’t lift itself…it’s up to you to make the choice to lift it up and ultimately reap the benefits

- a barbell doesn’t care about your “busy” schedule, your weak feelings, your problems, or what’s going on in your life. It’s always there ready for you. It’s up to you to take advantage…or not. That’s on you (us).

A barbell can help you fix all of your problems both physically and mentally. It changes the way you think which changes the way you act. In a good way. A barbell strengthens your mind as much as it does your body.

Time to clock in and get to work, it’s your set.


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About the Author:

James Appleton is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid. When he's not running a company or writing content, he is usually somewhere in the great outdoors, climbing mountains, deadlifting, or spending time with his wife and daughters. James is passionate about helping others to become the only source of motivation and inspiration they need to accomplish the goals they seek. He fully embodies the essence of Seek To Do More day in and day out.


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