+ Awaken Refreshed

+ 10mg Full-Spectrum CBD Per Gummy

+ 3mg Of Melatonin

+ A Natural Sleep Aid

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Our Sleep gummies combine the power of full-spectrum CBD and Melatonin to create
the ultimate natural sleep supplement! 

Don’t “sleep” on how important a quality night’s rest is for your mental and physical health
(pun intended)

A better night of sleep sets you up for a more productive day,
and a more productive day sets you up for a more productive life!


Sleep heavy tonight, so you can play hard tomorrow!



- Absolute Aid SLEEP jars contain 30 gummies.

- Full-spectrum extract per jar:

- Serving Size: 1 Gummy
- Full-spectrum extract per serving: 10mg

- Melatonin per serving: 3mg
- Total Servings per jar: 30
Drug-Tested Athletes & Employees:
Before consuming any full-spectrum CBD product, please consult your individual sports organization/place of employment to ensure that they are approved. Despite federally legal trace amounts of THC, taking full-spectrum CBD gummies may cause a positive drug test result.
These gummies contain less than .3% THC. The hemp-extract-derived cannabinoids in each of our formulas are certified and authenticated by pharmacist-approved testing and analysis to assure label integrity and precise levels of active ingredients.