+ Supports Mental Focus

+ 10mg Full-Spectrum CBD Per Gummy

+ 100mg of Ashwagandha  

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Our Focus gummies combine the power of full-spectrum CBD with the stress relieving and focus sharpening plant, ashwaganda, to create the ultimate natural concentration aid.

When your mind is clear your brain can focus on the tasks at hand to win the day.

Because the more productive our days become, the more fulfilling our lives become!


Focus more today!


- Absolute Aid FOCUS jars contain 30 gummies.

- Full-spectrum extract per jar:

- Serving Size: 1 Gummy
- Full-spectrum extract per serving: 10mg

- Ashwagandha: 100mg
- Total Servings per jar: 30
Drug-Tested Athletes & Employees:
Before consuming any full-spectrum CBD product, please consult your individual sports organization/place of employment to ensure that they are approved. Despite federally legal trace amounts of THC, taking full-spectrum CBD gummies may cause a positive drug test result.
These gummies contain less than .3% THC. The hemp-extract-derived cannabinoids in each of our formulas are certified and authenticated by pharmacist-approved testing and analysis to assure label integrity and precise levels of active ingredients.