Consistency Builds Discipline. Discipline Elevates Your Life.

Consistency Builds Discipline. Discipline Elevates Your Life.

Most people struggle to remain consistent in their pursuits. Chances are, you are that person.

We get excited to start something and then quickly fizzle out once that initial excitement wears off and the real work begins…

It’s sad and you know it.

When we overcome our desire to quit simply by self-motivating to “keep going!” that’s where we elevate ourselves to a new level.

No outside accountability needed.

Whether that’s in the gym, your diet, a 30 day challenge, commitments to others (or yourself) the real growth occurs when we can motivate and inspire ourselves to keep pressing forward towards the goal.

Seeing things through to the end.

If you quit easily you’ll never experience the growth you’re looking for.

Keep going.


Photo of Absolute Aid owner James Appleton
About the Author:

James Appleton is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid. When he's not running a company or writing content, he is usually somewhere in the great outdoors, climbing mountains, deadlifting, or spending time with his wife and daughters. James is passionate about helping others to become the only source of motivation and inspiration they need to accomplish the goals they seek. He fully embodies the essence of Seek To Do More day in and day out.


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