Find Your Fight Within

Find Your Fight Within

We live in a culture that tells us to "quit when it's hard..."

or even worse, "if it's difficult, don't even try..."

This is a toxic mindset. It's a damn plague, really.

We can do hard things and we don't need to shy away from them. I believe it's of the utmost importance for all of us to find our "fight within" for when life gets (really) hard. 

There's been so many times in my own life where I'm ready to give up...

It's too hard...

I'm not good at it...

It's going to take a really long time...

What if I fail?

The list goes on.

But as the years have gone by, and as I've built the habits emphasizing self-reliance and I've located the dog inside me.

The dog who is ready to fight.

The dog who refuses to roll over and die when the chips are down, but instead boldly declares, "Game On!".

You see, the war is with your own mind. The war is with a culture that you're choosing to say "NO!" to and instead choosing to rise above. 

The road may be dark, lonely, confusing, and usually difficult. You'll often feel like you're lost the entire time.

It's ok to be lost, just keep moving forward. 

It's ok to fall down, just keep moving forward.

In fact, you're going to fall down. You're going to get battered and bruised. Just keep moving forward. Crawl if you have to.

When you learn to fight the battle in your head and refuse to give in to it, you reach an entirely new level of self.

There's been so many days in my own life where I'm having an all out scream-fest inside my head battling myself to not give up. To keep going.

And just when you think you can't handle anymore, when you think you're on the verge of breaking, just remind yourself,

"I am growing right before my very eyes in this moment".

Growth is hard. Growth is uncomfortable.

But my God, it is always worth the struggle in the end when you finally arrive.

Find YOUR fight within.


Photo of Absolute Aid owner James Appleton
About the Author:

James Appleton is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid and the creator of the Seek To Do More Program. When he's not running a company or writing content, he is usually somewhere in the great outdoors, climbing mountains, deadlifting, or spending time with his wife and daughters. James is passionate about helping others to become the only source of motivation and inspiration they need to accomplish the goals they seek. He fully embodies the essence of Seek To Do More day in and day out.


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