The Peaks and Valleys of the Mountains & Life

The Peaks and Valleys of the Mountains & Life

Life is a series of peaks and valleys, just like the mountains...

There are low valleys, and high peaks. There are bad times and good times. How we respond to the bad times (valleys) will ultimately determine how good (high) the peaks are.

Do we quit and give up because times are tough? Just because there’s a lot of trees stopping us from getting to our destination do we lay down and die?

Hell no.

We focus on the next step and keep moving forward towards that next summit. Sometimes we may have to side step to find a better path up, so we side step.

Other times we bust through the branches to keep moving forward, so we bust through the branches (sometimes resulting in scratches and bruises; but hey, they’ll heal, right?).

A lot of times in the thick backcountry you can only see one step length in front of you. Since that’s all we can see, that's all we can focus on. Step after step, though, we eventually make it out of the thick brush and up to the summit.

When we’re finally standing on the summit we’re proud of what we overcame to get there. What we pushed through. How hard it was to get there. Nobody can climb a mountain for you. That’s a good thing because it makes the peaks that much sweeter.

So, if you’re in a valley in life right now, focus on simply finding that next step through the trees and take it. Then look for the next step before focusing on the summit. One step at a time.

If you’re standing on a peak right now, enjoy the view and take it all in.

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About the Author:

James Appleton is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid. When he's not running a company or writing content, he is usually somewhere in the great outdoors, climbing mountains, deadlifting, or spending time with his wife and daughters. James is passionate about helping others to become the only source of motivation and inspiration they need to accomplish the goals they seek. He fully embodies the essence of Seek To Do More day in and day out.


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