Why Not Me?

Why Not Me?

Being stuck in the why not me mindset can be a dangerous place if you stay there too long. People tend to compare their lives with others who are where they want to be and think, "Why is that not me?" This is a great question to ask oneself, but it could be detrimental if dwelled on negatively. Instead of being jealous, it's important to understand how the person we are envious of got what they have. 

Isn’t funny, when it comes to success everyone is always so quick to congratulate you when you get to the top of the game. However, they never ask you how many times did you get fucked on the way up. Everyone will complain about not getting a piece of a pie, when they don’t even deserve a piece to start. 
 When you truly look at what it takes to achieve your goals, the why not me question is quickly answered. 
Truth bombs hurt in the real world. This world has shown you if you just show up you will get a prize. When you get older, you realize that is not how it works. You get tossed right on your ass for thinking you get a big return for doing the minimum. We have to all start embracing the truth. 
Why don’t you look into the mirror and say to yourself, "why not me?" Ruminate on that phrase. If you truly self-examine, I bet you will be able to think of who is out working you. 
I know it was like that for me. You have to stop comparing yourself to those around you. 
The person next you might have all the talent but lacks the heart. You just don’t realize you have the heart, and with time you will be a master in what you do. For me specifically, I had a little bit of talent for playing drums, but I knew my drive and heart would get me where I wanted to go. I didn't hit a snare and wait for someone to give me an award. I went and took what I wanted. 
Stop looking at dreams as hope. Like I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, so my game doesn’t get canceled. You can’t stop the rain. 
But if your dream of playing baseball is to make it to the majors, you won't care if it's raining. You will get there and get your workout in. Hopes are based on desires, but dreams require action.
Be your own motivation. Looking at those who have made it and wishing that was you? They're just there to let you know you can make it, too. Now let's knock down the bullshit walls you put up and get to work. Let's make your why not me into a, "Fuck yeah. It's ME!

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About the Author:

Alex Hamp is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid. When he's not running a company, creating content or building relationships, you will find him with his family, working on their farm, practicing drums or at his second home- Highlight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Alex is passionate about pushing others to become the best they can be in everything they touch. He believes if someone decides to do something, they should give 110%. Seeking To Do More is a part of his everyday life.

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