Your Past Is History and Doesn't Have To Be Your Future

Your Past Is History and Doesn't Have To Be Your Future

It seems to me that people have such a hard time forgiving and forgetting the past. Maybe because they say history repeats itself. What if that saying didn’t have to be true? What if you could make the past irrelevant and then completely change your life for the better. Here's the way I see it...

When you dwell on your or your families' previous negative experiences, they will likely recur. 
Perhaps as a child or teenager, you were repeatedly told something along the lines of,  "You are [insert negative quality], just like your dad." Then, years later, you started to really reflect that persona. The bar was set low and failing was easy, natural and even normal. One day you came to realize, well shit. I am just like my dad
But what if, in a parallel universe, that same you said, "FUCK YOU! I am nothing like him. His choices are not my choices." 
There's always time to make an about-face and do what parallel universe you would have done. 

As a personal anecdote, I was told pretty consistently growing up that I would never amount to anything. I would be in jail for drugs or dead. That my family was trash. That I was just like my dad - at the time a weasel, cheating and unfaithful person. Those words attacked me differently over the years. 
When I messed up just a little - living under that fear - I thought.  "Damn they were right. I am trash just like everyone said I was."
It's so funny because I believed that to be true for the longest time. Then one day, when I was in high school. Something just clicked, and I thought about what I had to offer the world. I was already modeling, really athletic and I could play drums. And I realized, "Holy shit I am a talented person... And I am not addicted to drugs. Plus, I'm truly a nice guy. I can do anything I want to."

From there I decided to go into the music industry, and I knew I was never going to be like my family. I will be, like I said in Kindergarten, as famous as the ninja turtles and perform on stage all over the world
From that moment I fought to make my dreams a reality. I stopped looking back at what was said to me knowing it had no hold on me, nor did it dictate what I was doing. I practiced harder than everyone I knew, I networked more than anyone I ever met. Working that grind, I not only started to see a change in my career becoming more stable, but also that drive to be better continued to change who I was inside and out. I realized I pushed everyone around me to be the best they could be, too.

If you live in the past, it could be very crippling to your future, but if you put it behind you and use it as fuel, you will achieve what you want. 
Do more than what the naysayers expect out of you, you will change your life and others as you keep pushing forward.

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About the Author:

Alex Hamp is a founder and co-owner of Absolute Aid. When he's not running a company, creating content or building relationships, you will find him with his family, working on their farm, practicing drums or at his second home- Highlight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Alex is passionate about pushing others to become the best they can be in everything they touch. He believes if someone decides to do something, they should give 110%. Seeking To Do More is a part of his everyday life.

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